Technical problems: FAQs

  • Data that I enter into form pages is getting lost - it won't even save when I select the Save link.

    If you experience this problem, then the likely cause is a 'cacheing' problem with either your browser or the network environment you are using to access our web site. Some corporate and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may operate very aggressive cacheing policies which means that your browser is not receiving the updated page dynamically generated by our server but is retrieving an older, cached version which will not contain your latest data updates. If these symptoms of newly-submitted data being 'lost' from a form happen after you click the Save or Submit buttons, please seek help from your local organisational IT or ISP support personnel.

  • When I fill in part of a form and return to it later, I find my changes haven't been saved.

    If you experience this problem, please ensure you are not using the browser's Back button to move between pages of your online form. Instead, always use the buttons or links on the form itself (eg Previous, Next or the links to pages in the lefthand menu) as these will automatically save your changes.

  • When I enter a date in a form page, it won't save with the other data I have entered.

    This error happens when you enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format (e.g. for '23rd January 2002' you have typed '01/23/2002' instead of using our required DD/MM/YYYY to enter this as '23/01/2002').

    When you select Validate page or Submit, our system notifies you of this error. However, when you select Save, our system does not check for errors - instead, it will not store the date unless it is entered in the required DD/MM/YYYY format.

  • I'm a referee and I can't login with the details you have emailed to me.

    If you have copied and pasted the Application ID and Validation Key details from the reference request email we sent you, then please ensure that you have copied these correctly. When using the mouse to select the numbers and text values, if you also include a space, then when you copy and paste the information into the login form, it will be invalid.

    You may be more successful by first copying and pasting the login details from the email message into a new Notepad document (Windows) or TextEdit file (Mac). Then, copy and paste the Application ID and Validation key values from that document into the referee login form.

  • I see duplicate programme applications listed on the Apply online page.

    If this kind of duplication should occur, log in and check each listed application form carefully to identify the number of the form you want to delete. Then edit that form, and click the Cancel application link at the bottom of the lefthand menu (you will be asked to confirm your decision). This will delete the duplicated application form.

  • One or both of my referees (or sponsors) haven't received their notification email to complete my reference.

    Referees are automatically emailed immediately they are added using the Referees form. Sponsors are automatically emailed as soon as you submit your application. We log the date and time of the emails that are sent.

    The likely cause is 'spam' filters intercepting the email and so the email message does not reach the referee's (or sponsor's) email inbox. Note that mail filters can operate both centrally (in corporate or organisational situations) and locally on PCs (i.e. filtering rules applied by the email program itself). Please contact your referee(s) or sponsor(s) asking them to check to see if they received this email message (sent from the domain of and it has somehow been trapped by email filters.

  • My referee (or sponsor) has checked and still cannot find the original email your online applications system sent them.

    In this case, please request help directly from the Programme Office for the School Programme for which you are applying.

  • I made a mistake when I entered my referee's details but I only noticed this after I clicked 'Submit', and now I can't edit the referees' details to correct the error.

    Using the Manage referees page, delete the referee. Then select the Add a referee link and enter their details again.

  • I need to replace the version of my CV (or essay questions or organisation chart) document that I have already uploaded. How do I do this?

    If you have not already completed your application, you can simply repeat the file uploading step and attach a new document that will automatically replace the previous version.

  • Why do I need to turn on JavaScript support in my browser?

    Our site uses JavaScript to validate data in key form fields, and to remind you if you have not completed one or more required fields. It is also used to automatically save your changes when you click a link on the form. The steps to turn on JavaScript vary between browsers and operating systems.

  • How to turn on JavaScript support in your web browser

    Follow the instructions below that match your PC's browser and operating system. (To check the brower version number, use its Help > About menu option).

    Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 (Windows)
    Select Tools > Internet Options. Click the Security tab; select the Internet zone icon. Click Custom Level and scroll down to the Active Scripting setting. Check the 'Enable' option and click OK to exit the Security Settings and then the Internet Options dialog boxes. Close and restart Internet Explorer.

    FireFox 1, 2, 3 (Windows / Macintosh)
    Select Tools > Options and select the Content icon. Check the Enable JavaScript box; click OK.

    Safari (Macintosh)
    Select Safari menu, then click Preferences to display the Security dialog box. Click Enable JavaScript.

    Safari (Windows)
    Select Edit > Preferences. Click the Security tab. Click Enable JavaScript.

Question not listed here?

If you are experiencing a technical issue with your application, please send an email to

Please include your contact details, the login that you’re using and the programme for which you’re applying.

Please also attach screenshots of any error messages that you’ve encountered.